Our mission is to make the job search more human

The Status Quo

Recruiters are


Volume makes it

Impossible to screen

The same people get hired

Every Time

It’s Worse Than You Think



Average expenses when there’s a mishire


Of resumes don’t get screened


Of applicants are called for an average job opening


Our story

We believe everyone deserves to find career happiness and live their best lives. Over the last 10 years, we’ve helped the world’s biggest brands build great teams. We’ve helped thousands of professionals grow in their careers and secure the opportunities they deserve.

We earned our stripes in recruiting, coaching, events, assessments, programs, courses, and everything in between. But the further we got down the funnel, the more clear it was that the entire recruiting process was broken.

Did you know 85% of resumes don’t even get read by a human? Not to mention, a missed hire costs the average company almost $250k. That’s a lot of money down the drain.

That’s when we knew there was a bigger problem to be solved. It’s deeper than assessments and qualifications. It’s about reinventing the hiring process.

Too much great talent is overlooked. Countless professionals lack the feedback and clarity they need to grow in their careers.
We founded Knac to make life easier for recruiters and job seekers alike. We’re reinventing how people apply and prepare for jobs.


Meet the founder



I am a former tech recruiter turned career coach and now entrepreneur that’s deeply passionate about the future of work and making the job search more humane. With over a decade of recruiting experience, I’ve had the privilege to help some of the biggest brands in the world build great teams. 

I’ve worked with thousands of marketing, advertising, and tech professionals to help them grow in their careers and find lucrative opportunities.

Our special sauce

Turnkey tools to enhance
recruiter productivity

Transparency through data driven recruiting

Removing bias and improve applicant diversity


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