The Unbiased Way to Hire

We have a Knac for that

Knac makes it easier for companies to track and manage applicants. We help recruiters automatically screen 100% of resumes. We use data to remove bias in the application process while improving the candidate experience.

Close to 85% of resumes never get screened

We’re changing that with Knac

Most companies are completely overwhelmed by the volume of applications they receive, resulting in people getting lost or overlooked. Nobody likes getting ghosted or receiving canned rejection emails. 

Knac is the first solution that makes the lives of recruiters easier while also making the job search human for everyone.

Never overlook an applicant again

Have full visibility into your pipeline through analytics

Use scorecards to evaluate applicants instantly

Receive recommendations and catch the outliers

It’s time to streamline your workflow with Knac

Jane, the Recruiter

Everything you need to transform your recruiting process

Helps remove bias and improve diversity in hiring

Improves diversity in your applicant pool

Increase conversion rate in terms of diversity from sourcing to hiring

We plug right into your workflow

Syncs with your applicant tracking system

Unlocks the hidden value of your existing tools

Tools to enhance recruiter productivity

Saves time and money

Makes hiring more efficient

Simplifies the recruiting workflow

Improves candidate experience

Helps re-engage and re-direct passive applicants

Harness the power of data driven recruiting

Leverage skills data to vet your candidates in seconds

Create a structured and fair vetting process

Improve pipeline visibility through analytics

Maximize the value of your existing pipeline

Get started with Knac today!

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