Knac Joins the Google Black Founders Fund

Jan 8, 2021

Another Full Circle Moment!

‪Before Knac was conceived, I partnered with tons of tech companies hosting hiring events and programs. Google was one of the first, in 2017.‬

Since that time, we’ve worked with them over the years, not only as a partner but also in their #GoogleForEntrepreneurs ecosystem. We’ve taken their insights and learnings and applied them to our business, pivoting our model along the way.

I lost touch with my original point of contact at Google, as it’s HUGE, but she appeared in my inbox a month ago letting me know we had been selected as a finalist to receive funding.

‪They’ve been a partner and supporter for years, and now I can call them an investor 🙂

Today we celebrate!

We celebrate the small wins that turn into big ones over time.

We celebrate persistence and determination.

We celebrate Black Founders, and everything that we overcome on a daily basis to build companies that will change the lives of the people around us.

Glad we can finally share the news!

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