The Talent Evaluation Platform for Recruiters

Where We Fit In

Have full visibility into your pipeline through analytics

Most assessment tools only focus on a subset of your pipeline. Knac tells you the whole story so you know the strengths and weaknesses of your entire talent strategy.

We tap into your ATS to tell you the real story. Get a better understanding of all of your applicants. Learn how successful you are in attracting diverse applicants and how effectively you are communicating with them. 

Evaluate applicants in record time

The Knac scorecard is a proprietary tool that allows you to more easily and effectively evaluate the candidates that come through your pipeline. Create a structured and fair hiring process while we do the heavy lifting to show you who your top applicants are. 

Use data to help you make better hiring decisions

With Knac, recruiters can receive candidate recommendations to help catch the outliers. We are building a product that uses analytics to help predict and inform what to look for in applicants. We help create a structured and fair hiring process where 100% of resumes get screened. Helping you improve efficiency, save time, and save money.

Creating transparency for recruiters and job seekers

Nobody should be walking through life with a question mark over their head. We take care of all the correspondences between you and the applicant so you can focus on other things. Applicants should know what they’re doing right and where they can improve. 

We’ve helped build teams for the best in the game

Unlock better hiring decisions with Knac